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Sorry~ We are all spoken for!

  Lily & Whiskey had a litter of 4 Toy/Sm Mini Aussie pups on Sept. 13th, 2021. Males– 2 Red Merles, Females- 1 Red Tri & 1 Red Merle.   This is Lily’s first litter for us & Whiskey’s 2nd and I am really happy with how they are developing. Both of the female pups are being retained for our program, but the 2 males will be available. I’ll begin accepting deposits/holds on this litter beginning @ 8am on Saturday, October 23rd - Sask time. (8am Alberta, 7 am B.C., 9am Manitoba & 10 am Ontario- I believe- please ask google what time it is in Saskatchewan to find out the correct time difference for you area- Thanks!

             Lily is a homegrown girl from Annie & Oakie. She stands approx. 12” & is 20 lbs. I find her to be a bit lacking in bone mass, which happens with a lot of the Toy Aussies, but she does have a nice head & ear set & is fairly correct otherwise.  She comes from generations of smaller Toys as her dam was 12-13”, but her sire was only 9”.

             Whiskey comes from us from Texas & although this is only his second litter for us, I am really happy with what he has been throwing so far. Really good bone on this boy, outgoing personality, really nice conformation, good head & ear set, but I do fault him for his length of ear as it is bigger than what I am wanting, but that should correct with the females that I am putting him with. Whiskey is just under 14”, but his sire was only 10” so that are some littles behind him.     

    I’m going to estimate that this litter will mature 11-14”. This is the first time cross so it is a bit of a guessing game right now! This litter should have great conformation, beautiful dispositions & athletic ability. As the pups develop, you will notice a big difference as their copper comes in more & they begin to morph into puppies!  If a pup has not already been spoken for, his/her price may change as I re-evaluate it as it grows.

     Lily is n/n (negative) for the  Full Aussie Panel   ~ OFA—Hips-Good, Elbow-Normal, Patellas-Normal                                                                                 Whiskey is a carrier for MDR1 & n/n (negative) for the rest of the  Full Aussie Panel, m/M236 for the M Locus Gene                                                         OFA-Patellas-Normal– 1 yr Prelims-Hips-Good, Elbows-Normal                                                                                                                                                            So the pup(s)  have a 25% chance of being a carrier for MDR1 & will be negative for the rest of the Full Aussie Panel                                                          This litter is eligible for ASDR Mini Aussie registration                                                                                        

We do guarantee our pups for 2 years against genetic problems with a replacement pup program. The pups will see a certified vet during their 7th week for their first set of shots, deworming & overall checkup.  They are really thorough & I have a lot of faith in them. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.  Thanks Penny


Sorry~ we are all spoken for!


Text Box: Ghost Eye Tiger Lily  x  
Rancho Loco Ghost Eye Whiskey Bound
Bonus’s - BET Gene & Red Factored
ASDR registered
Males-2 Red Merles, Females-1 Red Tri & 1 Red Merle
Most likely will have brown/amber or marbled eyes!
Ready for their new homes November 8th
Sorry~ we are all spoken for!

Born September 13, 2021– 4 PUPPIES!  Will begin accepting Deposits/Holds on this litter Saturday, Oct. 23rd @ 8am Sask/Albert time!

 These pups will be sold as pet pups with limited registration papers on our spay/neuter contract & their price  will  be $2500-  OR  as breed/show pups with full registration papers (ASDR) with price of $3000– along with our breed prospect stipulations to select breeders. Please check out their individual pages for each pups price  & pics.                             

Non-refundable deposits are $250- & will be subtracted from total price.    

Can ship Canada wide via WestJet….     

Lily as a pup






                                                            Lily is a Homegrown Girl

Dam– Adorable Aussies Ghost Eye           Sire– Caveness Ghost Eye’s Lil Red Okie

              Pistol Annie


Text Box: PUP # 3-   Red Tri Female Toy Australian Shepherd. Minimal white, bright copper trim, white chest & barely white 3 feet.  Deep mahogany red!  Brown eyes. She is the smallest in the litter. Estimated to mature 11-12” & 15 –20lbs.  Double click on the following link to go to her page-
Text Box: PUP # 4 -   Red Tri Female Toy/Miniature Australian Shepherd. Minimal white, white chest & barely white feet & lots of that gorgeous copper.  Deep mahogany red! Brown eyes. She is the largest in the litter. Estimated to mature 13-14” & 15-20 lbs.   Double click on the following link to go to her page

Blue eyed Red Merle Toy/Miniature Australian Shepherd pup for sale- bet mini aussie- Ghost Eye Aussies- Sask., CanadaBlue eyed Red Merle Toy/Miniature Australian Shepherd pup for sale- bet mini aussie- Ghost Eye Aussies- Sask., CanadaBlue eyed Red Tri Toy/Miniature Australian Shepherd pup for sale- bet mini aussie- Ghost Eye Aussies- Sask., CanadaBlue eyed Red Merle Toy/Miniature Australian Shepherd pup for sale- bet mini aussie- Ghost Eye Aussies- Sask., Canada

1/2 siblings to this litter from Whiskeys previous litter with Josie










Whiskey was brought in from Texas-  his proud parents:

Dam– Timberline Nevermore in the Ravens Shadow                                  Sire–Rancho Loco In My Nike Swag


May be an image of dog and grassNo photo description available.Blue eyed Red Tri Miniature Australian Shepherd pup for sale- bet mini aussie- Ghost Eye Mini Aussies- Sask., CanadaBlue eyed Red Merle Miniature Australian Shepherd pup for sale- bet mini aussie- Ghost Eye Mini Aussies- Sask., CanadaBlue eyed Red Merle Miniature Australian Shepherd pup for sale- bet mini aussie- Ghost Eye Mini Aussies- Sask., Canada

PUP # 1 - Red Merle Male Toy/Miniature Australian Shepherd pup. Minimal white, white chest &  4 white feet & an abundance of copper on this lil guy! Dark eyes. He is the smaller of the 2 males, but not by much at this time. Estimated to mature 12-14” & 15-20 lbs.  Double click on the following link to go to his page

SOLD for Jennifer & Dean Janes

                                                                                           of  Bay Robert, Newfoundland

PUP # 2 -Red Merle Male Toy/Miniature Australian Shepherd pup. Minimal white, white chest &  4 white feet & an abundance of copper on this lil guy! Dark eyes. He is the 2nd largest of the litter. Estimated to mature 13-14” & 15-20 lbs.  Click on the following  link to go to his page-

SOLD  for Andrea Deibert & Liam McKercher

                                                                                           of Saskatoon, Sask.



Puppy Prices
	For a PET PUP on a spay/neuter contract (MUST BE FIXED BY THE TIME THEY ARE 8 MONTHS OLD!) they are usually priced from $1500– to $2500-. Our Repeat Pet Puppy Families will receive $200– off of your 2nd Ghost Eye Puppy as a way of showing our appreciation for giving our Puppies suck a loving home.
	For a BREED PUP with breeding rights & full registration will bein at $3000– PLUS NEW IN 2021: I am changing up our requirements for our pups that will be placed with breeders this year, as I will now require that said pups have their Full Aussie DNA panels done PLUS OFA hips/elbows/patella & eyes all done at 2 yrs of age & said pup is NOT to be bred before OFA results are received (OFA prelims after age of one is acceptable AS LONG AS the box is checked to allow good & bad results to be posted on the OFA site). I will also be instating the option of retainina a pick pup from their first litter (no exchange of funds will be made for said pup, but I will be responsible for the shipping of said pup to me)….which means that I get first pick from the pup’s first litter for my program. Breed pups will initially be registered as breed pups as a co-ownership between me & their new owners. Once the OFA requirements & pick pup has been delivered, the pup’s paperwork will be transferred over completely into the new owners name & mine will be removed from the paperwork. I also reserve the right to NOT sell a puppy with Full Rights. 
I require a $250– deposit to hold your pick pup, otherwise consider him/her as still being for sale. Your deposit is non-refundable or transferable, as once a pup is spoken for - it will be marked as sold. I accept paypal, e-transfers, personal cheques, bank drafts/money orders or cash for deposits. When picking up your pup either he/she can be prepaid with paypal/ e-transfers or cash on pick-up/delivery.  Your best bet is to phone me (306-629-3278) once you decide on a specific pup. The remaining sum is to be paid when pup is picked up Or before pup is shipped.
What Puppies Come With
	All of the pups will come with tails docked, dewclaws removed, dewormed, 1st set of shots, vet check @ 7 weeks, individual registration application for ASDR, collar, leash, toy, blanket/towel, chew rawhides, roll of doggy dodo bags, vet folder, customized carry bag, started on paper potty training & will be sleeping in a puppy crate @ night to help you with your crate training when you get your pup home. I guarantee your pup for  genetic problems for 2 yrs– with a pup replacement-must be verified/confirmed by vet. We also have a health guarantee for 72hrs after you pick up your pup. 
Puppy Updates
   Once you have placed your deposit on your pick pup, you will be given weekly updates-photos/info. emails as your pup develops as well as videos of his/her litter will be posted once a week on our facebook page so that you can experience your pup’s development as he/she morphs into a puppy! Their puppy pages will also be updated on our website & their litter photo albums will be kept current on our facebook page so that you can share with friends & family. I love to receive Puppy Updates from our puppy families & will gladly share them on our facebook page for everyone to enjoy.
We do ship pups. 
	In Canada it will be approx. $375– to ship with all expenses covered  ( air fare, crate, travel, etc.) as long as it is a direct flight. If it you need a connecting flight or overnight kenneling the extra fee will be added on. If we have 2 customers based out of the same area (ie, Edmonton) we will try to fly both pups in the same crate as 2 pups fly for the same price as 1 pup. When we do this, the shipping expenses will be split between the 2 customers. ( $200 & $250-the person who ends up paying the larger sum keeps the shipping crate).
United States Customers-Jan. 2019
     Canada has now been removed from the CDC’s list of high risk Rabies countries, so now puppies may enter the USA at 8 weeks of age with a clean health certificate & a vet certificate stating that the puppy is up to date with his/her shots. If the puppy is to enter at 12 weeks of age, it must have it’s rabies shot. 
     We are located approx. 4 hrs from the US/ Canadian border - Montana & North Dakota. IF you were to fly into Saskatoon or Regina to pick up your pup, a pup can fly in the cabin with you @ 8 wks via WestJet Airlines into the USA.  If your puppy is to  be flown via pet cargo into the USA,  I can ship to limited various US destinations @ 12 weeks of age via Air Canada Airlines– you’d be looking at approx. $500– USD (flight/puppy crate/health certificate, additional month of puppy care and an additional vet visit for his/her 2nd booster shot & rabies shot are all included in this price). 
*** During Covid times, we can ONLY ship into the USA via a Pet Courier Service or via an Essential Truck Driver. There are NO Airlines shipping pet cargo over the border at this time.     
    Please keep in mind that our dollar is only worth approx. .75 cents to the American Dollar so you do get a bit of a break there.  ( If the pup costs you $2000 Canadian- You’d be looking at $1500 USD.) Possible puppy nanny to travel your pup to you.
	Pup & shipping fees must be paid in full before pup is shipped.
Travel fees        
        At times we ourselves or someone we know can deliver a pup to Saskatoon or Regina or into Alberta-Calgary area for a fee. If you are interested in meeting somewhere for your pup, please get a hold of me the sooner ,the better, so that I can put the word out-better chance of finding out if a neighbor/relative is heading out your way!!
	Visitors are welcome, but I do request that you have not visited another kennel/SPCA before coming to visit as I usually have young pups on the premises & due to them being too young for vaccinations they are more susceptible to diseases. Parvo is really relevant in Sask. & Alberta- passed thru infected feces- & can be deadly for young dogs. I try my best to keep my clan of dogs safe & healthy & really appreciate your help in this. Thank You! If you wish to visit, please make previous arrangements with us so that I can schedule you into our day as a lot of times we are quite busy here on the ranch. Thanks
I update puppy pictures once a week & usually get carried away with the camera so if you are interested in a certain pup just check out their individual pages.
Please email if you have any questions.

How to Reserve Your Puppy of Choice: Please send me an email at along with the puppy’s Mother’s name & the puppy’s description (# & coloring) and your contact info (legal name/ address/ phone #).  Once I receive your info & if the puppy is still available, I will then send you the info as to how to make your deposit & will then reserve the puppy for you. All deposits must be received within 5 business days… if not received in that time, then the puppy will be listed as available once more.